About us

We support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
We are building World for Climate for the people, organizations, companies and communities who realize the need of the hour, feel the sense of responsibility towards the planet, and who want to make a difference now.
Our Values are inclusivity, peacefulness, collaboration, trust, openness, harmony with nature, people over profit, responsibility, sharing and caring, support, reflection, learning and regeneration.
Our Mission is to connect for collaborative climate action. Inclusive & impactful.
Our Vision is that everyone who wants to take climate action gets the support they need.
Our Impact is faster, better, cheaper and more climate action.
Our Aspiration: Find everything you need to take climate action fast.
Our journey started in summer 2021 asking European youth about the key to solve climate change. The most common answer was collaboration & cooperation. Based on the results and further user centric research we decided to develop a social collaboration network for climate action. Our solution is created for and by the people. Help us to solve climate change by sending us your ideas and feedback.
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We respect & protect your privacy, that is why data privacy and security is on top of our list. We meet the GDPR by the European Union, which means you are the owner of your data.
We protect our environment, that is why we run our service with as much renewable energy as possible and seek to run our full company fully sustainable. We cooperate with our community to find the most sustainable way to run our company.