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No Open Positions 2024
 Technical lead Platform quality & development 
 Front-end developer App & Web React native JS
UX/UI  Interactive & user-centric design, gamification
Sales lead Strategy, pricing, account management
Marketing lead digital channel distribution & strategy 
Social Media content creation & influencer relations 
HR & Talents  Operations & team wellbeeing (Germany / global) 
Other  Do you think we need your skills?

Why should I work for World for Climate?

3 reasons to join the team
 Impact all day, every day! Connect individuals, organisations & companies worldwide for collaborative climate action. 
Make it yours! Include your ideas,  use your strengths, develop a startup from scratch. Get employee stock options.
Remote & flexible! Work from around the world. Choose your best working rythm. Get a co-working place. 

Are you in for the climate challenge?

Step 1 - Explore World for Climate App
 Ask your custom climate action question. Include the key words 'superpower job' to the description field.

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